Ewa Świć

Hello, I am Ewa – a designer & art director based in Hamburg. I enjoy exploring various techniques to come up with unique and fun solutions.

A compilation of my interactive web projects, functioning both as an exercise ground and a repository for ideas and capabilities that I can subsequently leverage in commissioned assignments for clients. It was made for exploring innovative possibilities that may be incorporated into future paid engagements.

As a part of my design training in my spare time, I gave a popular Polish train booking app a major design upgrade. 
Through my own experience and feedback from my friends and family, I discovered several pain points in the user experience that were frustrating and made using the app unpleasant.

Corporate Identity for a brand that deals with transforming second hand pieces of clothing into new, fashionable outfits. The brand is inspired by Japanese style.

A corporate identity for a Polish floral shop that harmonizes sophistication with artisanal craftsmanship, this florist's brand exudes timeless elegance. The logo, featuring a simple serif font with subtly italicized letters, strikes a delicate balance between tradition and modernity.

During my time at Hochschule Mainz, I crafted my Master Thesis centered on analyzing Polish film posters from the 1960s and 1970s, aiming to pinpoint their shared and distinct attributes. This project delves into the typical features characterizing these artworks within that era.

I worked as a freelancer, completing individual projects for a sock store by creating amusing and creatively designed gifts. Among my creations were the Football Socks, accompanied by a playful and engaging packaging.

A meticulous CI for a bar concept drawing inspiration from the vibrancy of NYC. The objective was to harness the capabilities of AI, using MidJourney to produce a series of images tailored to the brand's essence. These compelling visual outcomes were strategically incorporated to serve as an integral element, amplifying the brand's identity and narrative.

Since my school days, I've been attending painting classes regularly, fostering a passion for illustration within me. This passion led me to create several projects for various clients.

Professionally, I bring experience in crafting animated content for social media platforms. In my free time, I dedicate myself to deepening my knowledge in the realms of 3D animation and 3D design, constantly expanding my skillset and staying at the forefront of creative innovation. Check out my instagram.