Ewa Świć


Corporate Identity for a brand created as a part of my Bachelor thesis at the Polish-Japanese Academy of IT in Warsaw where I studied New Media Arts with focus on Animation and Illustration. This brand deals with transforming second hand pieces of clothing into new, fashionable outfits. The brand is inspired by Japanese style.


When designing the logo for my clothing brand inspired by Japanese art, I was drawn to the intricate strokes and elegant lines of traditional Japanese typography and wanted to incorporate this into the logo. To achieve this, I researched old Japanese typography and experimented with translating the European alphabet into a Japanese style. My goal was to create a logo that combined the elegance of Japanese calligraphy with a modern twist. To ensure a modern aesthetic, I made the stroke width consistent throughout the logo, giving it a sleek and contemporary feel.


Part of this project involved creating illustrations inspired by Japanese art. To achieve this, I analyzed such artworks and, inspired by them, crafted illustrations of animals in expressive poses. Subsequently, I hand-printed them in a screen printing studio onto second-hand t-shirts.


In order to create an even more captivating effect, I personally experimented with tie-dye methods on select shirts before proceeding with the screen printing process. This allowed for a unique and dynamic background that complemented the subsequent printed designs. The tie-dye technique added an extra layer of depth and visual interest to the final product, resulting in a series of shirts with a truly distinct and unique aesthetic.