Ewa Świć


The client, a vibrant and culturally inclined bar situated in a bustling urban setting, sought to appeal to a young demographic fascinated by art, culture, and the trendy ambiance of New York's SoHo district. The primary objective was to establish a brand identity that resonated with this target audience while ensuring affordability without compromising quality.


The branding strategy focused on leveraging SoHo's eclectic vibe—its art galleries, fashion boutiques, and bustling streets—to inspire the bar's ambiance. The incorporation of AI-generated (Midjourney) imagery within this branding endeavor, coupled with the deliberate pursuit of uncovering subtle imperfections, infused the entire branding approach with a touch of surrealism. This deliberate exploration of AI-generated visuals not only enriched the brand's identity but also added a layer of artistic complexity, elevating the overall aesthetic to resonate with the SoHo-inspired vibe.